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Weekend Self Care Ideas


I know, I know… it’s not even hump day and here I am posting about weekend self care rituals.  Well a girl can dream can’t she? Actually, part of the reason I’m writing about weekend self care is that if you don’t plan it, it probably won’t happen.  Weekends, while known as being a time to relax and recharge for the week ahead, also have a tendency to get away from us.  Errands, cleaning, and endless obligations can take up our entire two days off if we’re not diligent about planning a little “me time.”  So this is your Self Care Bestie giving you permission to take some time just for you this weekend, no matter how busy your schedule.  
In case you need some fresh weekend self care ideas, I’ve put together some relaxing activities to inspire you.  These are things that you wouldn’t necessarily have time for on a workday – they are a bit more indulgent, a bit more fun, and definitely more rejuvenating.  So sit back, relax, and plan something ahhhhmazing for yourself this weekend.

Ritual #1:  Beach Please – Since June is in full swing, why not spend a day at your nearest beach (or pool if you’re landlocked)? Bring something to read, something relaxing to listen to, and a cooler of your fave food and drink.  A note to all the moms out there:  maybe go by yourself for an hour or two.  I love a good beach day with my fam, but making sure no one gets sand in their eyes, and everyone has SPF on every hour kind of takes away the self care vibe we’re going for.  
Ritual #2:  Patty Cake – If you love baking but never seem to have time for it, why not spend some time finding a recipe you have been wanting to try and getting messy in the kitchen?  A lot of people find baking and cooking very relaxing.  Up the self care factor by putting on a fun playlist.  Make sure you take time to savor your creation…feel free to share (or not!).

Ritual #3:  Namaste in Bed – The heart of this one is just staying in bed as long as possible.  Because, really…what is better than that?  Put a do not disturb sign on your door and just luxuriate in bed.  Catch up on sleep, read a book or magazine, meditate, and even see if you can get a loved one to bring you coffee and/or breakfast in bed.  It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day to get a little TLC at home!  For added namaste, try these yoga poses you can do from the comfort of your bed.

Ritual #4:  Spa Time – Go ahead and book yourself a massage or facial.  Or try a mani-pedi, if that’s more your thing.  You can usually find great deals on Groupon or Living Social for all sorts of spa treatments, making them very affordable.  Give yourself some time to be pampered and really try to be mindfully present when you do.  Keep your focus on relaxation and treating yourself right, not your ginormous to-do list.  Not into the spa?  Why not have a rejuvenating bath at home?
Ritual #5:  The Day of YOU –  This ritual might be my actual favorite because it will be self care tailored to each individual. Make a list of 10 things you love – they can be things to do, food or drink you love, people who make you happy, etc.  Once you have your list, find a way to incorporate as many things on it as you can into your day.  Don’t worry if you can’t fit all 10 into one day…just do what works.  The point is that you are adding pleasurable activities into your day as much as you are able.  Now THAT sounds like my kinda day!
Besties, I know it may be difficult to ask for some of these things…often people feel guilty asking for time off from their usual weekend activities to rest or relax.  If you’re worried about what your loved ones will think, please don’t.  Instead, think of what they’ll say if you don’t ever take care of yourself and you turn into a not-very-nice, overly stressed and tired version of the you they once knew.  Self care is NOT selfish.  Asking for what you need is a healthy life skill that adults should practice regularly.  When you prioritize time for yourself, you will have so much more to give to your people.  We can’t pour from an empty cup.  So ditch the guilt and get your self care on this weekend!  Which weekend self care ideas are you most excited to try?

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