Feel peaceful and joyful every day...

It's easy to make a commitment to care for yourself, but it's also easy to let it go by the wayside when life gets in the way, or you're too busy meeting the needs of others to take care of YOU.

You love having a self-care practice...there's just one problem.  It's hard to keep it up CONSISTENTLY!

You want to feel more peaceful and joyful each day, but you're not really sure that's possible.  You say to yourself, "next week or next month or next year will be the time I start to focus on my needs."  And before you know it, you're feeling bitter and resentful from too much time spent running on empty.  Well, my Besties, I've got your back!

I've seen countless women struggle with this over the years.  So I created something that will change your self-care practice forever.

I created My Self Care Bestie to make it incredibly easy and fun to stay consistent with your self-care practice - so you can feel peaceful, joyful, and present every day.

Each month, I provide you with new material that will support you in every aspect of your self-care practice.  The best part?  It's delivered straight to your inbox!

a monthly focus + guided meditation, an activity aligned with the focus, a healthy recipe, a fitness routine, twice monthly LIVE classes with cathleen + MORE!