Like having a best friend who happens to be a therapist!

Ever worry that you're burdening your friends and family when you lean on them during difficult times? 

That's why I started My Self Care Bestie - so you can have direct access to a therapist you KNOW and TRUST when you need one!  Member Emilie L. says: "Cathleen is always available, she shows real life, and she shares great information."

My Self Care Bestie is the ultimate way to stay mentally healthy - I'm a trusted, go-to mental health guide for many busy women already...and I want you to know I'm here for YOU, too!

Each month, I teach members new ways to feel their best, inside and out.  As a member, you'll receive authoritative information, expert advice, and FUN healthy living tips delivered straight to your inbox.

Member Kate F. says: "Sometimes I get to the materials, and sometimes I don't, but I always know Cathleen is here for us and that we're not alone."  Member Leslie D. agrees, saying: "I believe Cathleen that my world can be better."

Whether life is going great, or it's leaving a LOT to be desired, I've got your back!  You'll feel MUCH more at peace knowing you have a therapist bestie in your corner, come what may.

twice monthly classes with cathleen, LIVE q + a, a monthly self-care magazine full of encouragement and activities, a guided meditation, a printable worksheet, self-care product recommendations, and MORE!