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Pleased to meet you!

I'm so glad you found your way to my site! My goal is that everyone who visits will leave feeling refreshed, lighthearted, and encouraged. Every day is a gift and life is for LIVING. Most people need help figuring out how to love the life they live. Your Self Care Bestie is here to help!

My name is Cathleen and I'm a licensed clinical social worker in private practice. A common theme among my clients, and I believe in most people, is that they don't practice regular self-care! Too many of us have grown up feeling guilty about doing something nice for ourselves. Or we feel we don't have time to engage in something just for us. Or we just can't think of anything GOOD to do!

I have a bachelor of arts in psychology from Miami University  and a masters of science in social administration (aka social work) from Case Western Reserve University.  I've been practicing clinical social work in a variety of settings for 10 years, and I have been in private practice, specializing with adolescents and women for 6 years.