3 Simple Coaching Techniques To Use With Your Kids

Perhaps March Madness being in full swing  has me thinking about coaching techniques of late, but whatever the reason, there are actually a lot of things we can learn as parents from best practices in coaching.  Many people who were athletes as a child or adolescent would call a coach one of the most influential […]



What to Tell Your Kids Before Your First Foster Child Arrives

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Does the Bible Talk About Fostering?


Why Your Marriage Matters In Fostering

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How Can I Foster "Well?"

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Ah, motherhood.  I absolutely mean it when I say it is one of the biggest joys of my life.  I love my two boys with a crazy, amazing, fiercely protective love that I didn’t know was possible until the minute I found out I was pregnant with my oldest.  From that very second onward, my […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Mom

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Today I want to share three of the most common roadblocks my clients tend to have, and how to give yourself permission to overcome them.  Because even when a therapist says the exact right thing in session, that’s only a 50 minute block of your week.  The rest of the time, it’s just you out there, and […]

3 Things To Give Yourself Permission For ASAP


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I’m not a huge fan of labeling people, but chances are, if you’ve lived long enough, you’ve encountered a person who could be considered toxic to you…someone you know is simply not good for you.  For one reason or another, this person may have hurt you or harmed you in some way, and, whether it […]

How To Deal With Toxic People


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In the past, I’ve given you lists of ways to be creative and ways to beat boredom and ways to improve your life.  But today, I just want to share a list of 50 FREE fun things to do.  Self care gets a bad rap sometimes, with people touting it as expensive or indulgent.  I’m hoping this list will prove […]

50 Free Fun Things To Do

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The New Year is a time for many people to reflect on goals, ambitions, and changes they would like to make in this next chunk of life.  Have you started thinking about what you want your 2018 to be about?  I really want to continue to focus on gratitude and mindfulness.   And of course, SELF […]

10 Inspirational Books To Encourage And Motivate You in 2018

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Hello, my friends!  I hope you’ve been loving the Holiday Self Care Challenge on Instagram and that you’ve been tuning in for my weekly Facebook Live series this month.  It’s been so fun for me to engage and interact with you in new ways and it truly reminds me that the heart of everything I […]

Self Care Bestie’s Top 100 Ways To Improve Your Life


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Hello my friends!  I hope your week is treating you well so far and that many of you are participating in the 2017 Holiday Self Care Challenge.  I’ve got so many fun giveaways planned in addition to the daily self care activities this month, so be sure to follow along on Instagram and Facebook (or […]

What To Do When People Invalidate You

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Buddy the Elf always says “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.”  Well, I’m a huge fan of the movie Elf, but I beg to differ, Buddy.   IMHO, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is…give everyone you know presents that will help them take care of themselves […]

Self Care Gift Ideas For Everyone on Your List


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Last week, I shared my top 10 favorite marriage books with you. Why?  Because marriage is awesome but difficult and maintaining healthy relationships is an integral part of self care.  When you intentionally cultivate amazing relationships, your life will be rich and joyful. But if I’m being honest, I have to admit…though marriage can be […]

A Therapist’s Top 10 Parenting Books


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