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25 Ways to Make Serving Others Your Self Care


In every setting I have worked in as a therapist, I have highly recommended serving others as one of my absolute favorite coping skills.  Serving takes the focus off you and your problems, and heightens your awareness of the needs of others. It also increases self-esteem and meets our innate human need to feel significant. Quite a paradox, isn’t it? By meeting the needs of someone else, we end up meeting some of our own.  
So while running yourself ragged, saying “yes” to every single thing that is asked of you is not the goal, there are certainly ways to serve others on a regular basis that can bring joy to them AND you.  #winning.  Here are 25 ways you can make serving others your self care, starting today.
Bring a delicious snack to work to share with your colleagues.  

Ask someone how they are doing and don’t accept “fine” or “good” for an answer.

Leave an encouraging note for someone to find later.

Make someone an encouraging playlist when they are going through a difficult time.

Ask someone to work out with you – it will benefit both of you to hit the gym together!

Pay a genuine compliment (the more specific you are, the more encouraged they will be).

Drop off some encouraging cards to patients in a substance rehab hospital.

Bring your children’s teachers coffee before or after school.

Bake a special treat for your kids after school.

Go out to coffee or lunch with someone who doesn’t get out much.

Really listen when people talk to you.  Don’t think about what you will say next.  Just listen.

Tell a friend why you love them on social media for all to see.

Bring your love breakfast in bed.

When you’re making dinner, double the recipe and bring the meal to anyone you know could use a break.

Ask a friend or family member what errand you can take off their list for them this week.  Don’t take no for an answer! 😉

Ask yourself this: What is happening in the world today that breaks my heart?  Then ask yourself this:  What can I do about it?  Then DO it.

Babysit someone’s kids for free.

Bring someone to church with you.  Take them out to lunch afterward.  

Send someone who needs to hear it an encouraging quote or scripture.

Plan a whole day of quality time with someone in your life who could use a little more time with you (Parents, if you’re struggling to think of someone, your children would ALWAYS be a great choice).

Donate money to a person or cause you love.

Get up with the kids so your spouse doesn’t have to.

Tell someone you love them just the way they are.

Bring water bottles to the playground on a hot day to give out to thirsty kids and parents.

Encourage someone to practice regular self care!
Do you have any other ideas for serving others as self care?  Let us know in the comments!  

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