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26 High Fiber Foods You’ll Actually Want to Eat


Here’s to a brand new week, Besties!  Today we are jumping in with a healthy eating post that I hope you’ll find as helpful as I do.  Most of you probably know that foods high in fiber are essential for our bodies’ wellness.  There are lots of reasons why, but my faves are heart health, skin health (hello, gorgeous!) and foods rich in fiber keep you fuller longer so you’re not as prone to overeating.  
However, when I was researching my post on high fiber foods, I had a WHOMP WHOMP moment when I realized that many of these foods are simply not foods I enjoy.  I’m by no means a picky eater, but the thought of a big ol’ bowl of turnip greens, split peas, or lima beans just does not appeal to me (no shade if it appeals to you!  Every Bestie’s tastes are different, and I respect that).
So I put together a list of 26 high fiber foods that are more likely to be appealing to a wider array of palates.  But you can see why I didn’t make that the title of my post, right? 😉  The good news is, you don’t have to limit yourself to foods like split peas (16 g of fiber per serving) because you can spread out your fiber-full foods throughout the day, eating things like pears (6 g of fiber) and whole wheat pasta (6.3 g).  Why?  The average adult needs only 25 g of fiber per day.  So foods with a lower amount of fiber than lima beans (ew -10 g of fiber though) can be consumed throughout the day to reach your 25 g.  
Ok, if that’s too much math for you, here’s the full list of 26 tasty ways to give your body the fiber it needs:
Lentils – 1 cup, 16 g 

Black beans – 1 cup, 15 g

Chickpeas – 1 cup, 35 g

Chia seeds – 1 oz., 10 g

Avocado – 1 cup, sliced, 10 g

Peas – 1 cup, 7 g

Raspberries – 1 cup, 8 g

Almonds – sliced, 1 cup, 11 g

Pear – 1 medium, 6 g

Apple – 1 medium, 4.4 g

Banana – 1 medium, 3.1 g

Orange – 1 small, 2.3 g

Strawberries – 1 cup, whole, 3 g

Raisins – 1 small box, 1.6 g

Whole wheat spaghetti – 1 cup, cooked, 6.3 g

Instant Oatmeal – 1 packet, cooked, 3 g

Popcorn – air popped, 1 oz., 4 g

Brown Rice – cooked, 1 cup, 3.5 g

Whole Wheat bread – 2 slices, 4 g

Baked beans – 1 cup, 14 g

Pistachios – 1 cup, 13 g

Pecans – 1 cup, 10 g

Baby carrots – 2/3 cup, 3 g

Sweet corn – 1 cup kernels, 4.2 g
Potato with skin – 4.7 g

Broccoli – 1 cup, chopped, 2.4 g

Two notes in closing:  I’m not a dietitian or medical professional, so this is meant as a friendly guide, not hard-and-fast science.  Also, beware of too much fiber per day.  We won’t go into details, but let’s just say that could lead to some not-so-pleasant side effects.  Besties don’t let Besties eat too much fiber, ya hear?

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