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101 Ways to Beat Boredom


I’ve worked in a lot of mental health care settings and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that boredom is a huge trigger for most people. Whatever it is they struggle with, from eating disorders to addiction to various other unhealthy coping methods, being bored is one of the number one reasons people cite for relapse.  Even if you don’t struggle with any of the above issues, having a plan for your unstructured down time is a good habit for everyone.  
And also…nobody likes to be bored.  It’s just not fun.  And sure, you could mindlessly scroll through social media to pass the time (guilty!) but let’s be honest…after a while, even that can get boring. So while there’s nothing wrong from the occasional time waster (hello, candy crush!), here is a list of 101 other things to do when you find yourself bored.  Some of these boredom busters may appeal to you more than others, but in a list of 101, I’m hopeful you can find at least, say, 20 that appeal to you.  Be sure to let me know if there’s anything you would add to the list!
1. Teach yourself to do something from a YouTube video.
2. Build a snowman.
3. Plan a party.
4. Plant flowers or a tree.
5. Buy yourself some flowers.
6. Go to the zoo.
7. Smile in the mirror.  Seriously – it’s a proven mood booster!
8. Listen to a sermon or podcast.
9. Go to a movie.
10. Take a walk.
11. Take a shower.
12. Play cards with a friend (or solitaire if you’re alone).
13. Watch the sunset.
14. Have a cup of tea.
15. Make yourself a healthy snack.
16. Go out for ice cream.
18. Organize/clean out a drawer or closet
19. Go shopping.
20. Clean your kitchen.
21. Spend some time journaling. 
22. Go to a museum. 
23. Redecorate a room in your house (or plan how you will do it).
24. Meditate.
25. Plan your outfit for tomorrow.
26. Read a book.
27. Go sledding.
28. Do a social media cleanse…unfollow who/what is bad for you.
29. Play a sport…whatever tickles your fancy!
30. Take a bubble bath.  
31. Have a cup of coffee.
32. Join a fantasy league.
33. Plan a vacation.
34. Play an instrument.
36. Go antiquing.  
37. Go to the library.
38. Get a massage.
39. Call up your Bestie.
40. Go to the park.
42. Have a picnic.
43. Do a load of laundry.
44. Go for a run.
45. Make a list of everything you love about yourself.
46. Bake something delicious.
47. Rearrange your furniture.
48. Look up concerts coming to your city and plan to go to one.
49. Ride a scooter.
50. DIY something for your home.
51. Do some crafting…check out my Pinterest for inspo!
52. Go out to eat…treat yo self!
53. Get outside for a bit.
54. Watch your favorite movie.
55. Browse a bookstore.
56. Watch a TED talk.
57. Do your makeup…maybe experiment with a new look.
58. Do a home improvement project you’ve been putting off.
59. Get a manicure (or give yourself one).
60. Put on a fun playlist.  
61. Catch up on your fave TV show.
62. Go for a hike.
63. Vacuum your casa.
64. Make a bucket list.
65. Reread your favorite book.
66. Put a pin from Pinterest into action.
67. Make a gratitude list.
68. Do some yoga.
69. Volunteer for a cause you believe in.
70. Watch the sky…day or night!
71. Read a magazine.
72. Whip up a healthy smoothie. 
73. Play video games.
74. Turn on your fave song and sing LOUDLY.
75. Play frisbee.
76. Pray.
77. Meal plan for the week ahead. 
78. Give yourself a facial.
79. Listen to the radio…you know, for old times’ sake 😉
80. Try geocaching.  
82. Make a paper airplane. 
83. Buy yourself a fun new accessory.
84. Drink lemon water.
85. Use an app to learn a new language.
86. Take selfies with fun snapchat filters.
87. Draw or color. 
88. Post something kind about a loved one on social media.
89. Go pretend house hunting on or trulia.
90. Play with play doh…seriously, it’s very calming!
91. Go swimming.
92. Catch up on your blog reading (shameless plug).
93. Go for a bike ride.
94. Sort through the mail.
95. Make yourself a mocktail.
96. Pop some popcorn and watch a movie. 
97. Wash your makeup brushes. 
98. Scrapbook or make a photo album. 
99. Write…a poem, a story, or start a blog!
100. People-watch.
101. Go bowling.

Can you think of any other boredom busters I should add to the list?  What’s your favorite way to beat boredom?  Let us know in the comments!

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