Therabox March 2018 Review

April 4, 2018

Real talk:  I think I’m in love…with Therabox. Therabox is a subscription self-care box and it has me officially wowed.  Allow me to share a few reasons why I’m loving this box o’ goodness and then I’ll tell you just what was so amazing about the March box.  By the end of this post, you’ll […]

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Real talk:  I think I’m in love…with Therabox.

Therabox is a subscription self-care box and it has me officially wowed.  Allow me to share a few reasons why I’m loving this box o’ goodness and then I’ll tell you just what was so amazing about the March box.  By the end of this post, you’ll be like:  how do I sign up?  And don’t worry, I’ll go over that too.  What are Besties for? 😉
I do believe I randomly stumbled upon therabox on Instagram and was super intrigued when I read this tagline in their bio:  “Mindfully curated by therapists to boost joy.”  And at that moment, I knew…Therabox and I were going to be friends.  
It wasn’t long after this that I subscribed for my first box, which I just received last week.  And may I just say…it did not disappoint!
I know what you’re thinking…Oh, Cath…they’re paying you to write a great review for them and so you have to ooh and ahh over this box.  
Um…no.  Actually, not.  I paid for and ordered this box because I was just so incredibly pumped that therapists are curating self-care boxes!  And as a therapist (and, ahem, self-care aficionado), I just had to see if this box could deliver.
Full disclosure:  I was told I would receive 20% off my next box for reviewing this one, but since I was planning on ordering another one anyway, the joke is on them.  😉
So by now you’re probably wondering what this magical box was filled with.  I mean, obviously it must have been something good to get me to write this post for a savings of $7.00, right?  Let’s go through this bad boy product by product, shall we?
Clarity Hypnosis Meditation CD –   First off, there is a CD with 3 tracks of guided meditations that introduce you to hypnotherapy, help you tune in to your inner voice, and increase your self-confidence.  PLUS, there’s a code for 2 bonus meditations!  I’m actually so excited for you to try these meditations that I’m giving the CD away (it values at over $70!) on Instagram today.  The winner will be chosen tomorrow morning so if you haven’t already, enter! 
Day Dreamer Essential Oil  – I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been a bit of an essential oil skeptic in the past.  Well this blend is designed to calm stress and anxiety, and comes in a handy roller-ball for use on the go.  Made from Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Peppermint, and Bergamot, the blend smells delish and has a cooling effect which I definitely feel is calming.  
Wooden Diffuser Bracelet –   So being a bit of an essential oils novice, I had no idea you could roll a scent onto a bracelet that would then diffuse the scent all day long!  But this was such a fun item to receive, not only because it’s practical, but it is a bracelet I would actually wear.  The aromatherapy benefits truly stick with you all day…and for those looking to combat anxiety, this is very, very good news.  
Aromatherapy Shower Steamer –  I don’t know about you, but we’ve just been through a rough cold and flu season.  As I write this, my youngest son is currently struggling with a fever and cough.  So I’m more than a little pumped about this shower steamer made with eucalyptus arriving just when it did.  Little one is getting a shower full of healing goodness tonight, since eucalyptus is known for its ability to clear sinuses, soothe sore throats, and support the immune system.  #praise
Wildflower Seed Bombs –  Wouldn’t you know it, those smart therapists at Therabox included a lil’ spring self-care item…you know, for those of us who live in the northeast and literally had a snow day the day after Easter.  These sweet little seed bombs will be perfect for my brown thumb too, as all you have to do is literally throw the “bomb” of seeds where you want it to bloom.  Now that is gardening I can get behind!  
Tibetan Rope Incense –   I don’t think I’ve burned incense since maybe middle school, but I was definitely intrigued by this item.  It comes with an incense holder and is, to me, just a fun way to indulge in a little aromatherapy.  It smells great, but be warned, a little goes a long way!
European Spa Whipped Soap –   Well, you know I love me a good bubble bath, so I was pretty pumped to see this amazing smelling soap in the box!  With notes of greens and floral, citrus and amber, this soap is creamy and indulgent, making it #bathgoals.  There’s plenty in the jar for several bath applications and it would also be perfect to use as a shaving cream!  
To sum up, there are 7 amazing items in this box, all falling under this month’s theme of clarity.  And while all of these goodies together retail for over $130.00, it was delivered to my doorstep for just $35.00.  Woot!  
I’ve heard talk that April’s box is Therabox’s one year anniversary box, meaning it has the potential to be even better than this one!  If you are interested in your very own self-care subscription box, I highly recommend giving Therabox a try.  You can sign up using this link  if you are interested.  I also think this box would make an amazing birthday or Mother’s Day present.
So what do YOU think?  Have you heard of Therabox?  Have you tried it?  Which item in the March Therabox are you most excited about?

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