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Why I’m Setting Intentions For My Vacation


As most of you already know, my husband and I are headed out on a much needed, long awaited vacation this week.  After years of dreaming, hoping, and planning, our week in Hawaii is finally happening.  I really think I won’t believe it until we get there and get a lei at the airport.  Wait…is that something they actually do, or is that just in Saved By The Bell Hawaiian Style?
Regardless, I couldn’t be more excited – before our foster care journey begins this fall, my husband and I really do need this time away together (and don’t feel too bad for my boys, they’ll be having the time of their lives with family all week).  
As I check (and re-check) the forecast for Hawaii, I can’t help but notice that a hurricane by the name of Hector is currently projected to swirl a bit too close for comfort towards our vacation destination.  I mean, seriously…WHAT ARE THE ODDS?  (And don’t say it’s hurricane season – I know it is, but seriously…what are the ODDS?).
Part of me is tempted to be like, “Oh, of COURSE there would be a hurricane that could possibly affect our trip.  Naturally,” and be all whiny.  Another part of me is tempted to be scared…”what if something really bad happens?  Should we even still be going?”  And still another part of me is tempted to be disappointed if we have to miss anything or change any part of our well-laid plan.
But the biggest part of me is longing to be different – I’m longing for intentionality.  I know this vacation is a dream come true and not something we do every day (or even every year).  I want to make the most of it, come what may. I  want to be my best self.  I want to make the best of every situation and enjoy the ride.
So if you don’t mind, I think I need to write my intentions for this precious vacation right here in my little corner of the internet for all (or at least you, dear reader) to see.  Partly because I process best when I write, but also because I want some level of accountability for these goals.  Thank you for indulging me, my friends.
3.  I will not spend the whole time talking about our kids (but it’s ok to talk about them sometimes ;)).
4.  I will be brave (and I will fake it till I make it if I’m feeling less than brave in any situation).
10.  I will drink out of a pineapple.  And a coconut.
11.  I will check in with my boys each day but I will not spend time worrying about how they are doing, because spoiler alert:  they’ll be fine.
12.  I will savor each experience and SLOOOOW DOWN.
13.  I will feel like a kid again.  And act like a kid again.
Alright my friends, that’s what I’ve got for now.  Do you have any other suggestions for me?  Any other vacation advice or intentions to add to the list?  I’m all ears!  Much love to you all and I’ll be taking you (somewhat) along with me via my Instagram stories, so if you don’t follow me there yet, ALOHA (HELLO!), what are you waiting for?!

  1. Unknown says:

    These all sound perfect. Enjoy and take it day by day.

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