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FREE Class: How to Set Boundaries + Take Back Your Power


Setting boundaries is difficult for almost every single person I know, both personally and professionally.  There are a million reasons I hear when it comes to women not wanting to set boundaries, but the main one?

“I don’t want to be mean.”

Oh, my friend, I hear you!  I don’t want you to be mean either.  And you won’t be.  On October 21st at 8 pm (New York time) I’m teaching a FREE 60 min class called How To Set Boundaries and Take Back Your Power.  My favorite part?  It’s going to happen LIVE inside a private Facebook group so I can answer YOUR boundaries questions too!

We’ll be chatting all about reasons to set healthy boundaries, how to set boundaries (without feeling mean), and how to react if or when someone doesn’t respect a boundary you have set, just to name a few topics!

I get all fired up about this topic, because it’s an area I used to struggle in, too.  Now?  Heck no.  I love setting boundaries.  I set boundaries like it’s my job.  And, well…it kind of is!  😉  Or at least, teaching people how to set boundaries is!

You ready to sign up?  You can save your seat by clicking HERE

Be on the lookout for an email next week with the link for the pop-up Facebook group where you can watch the live class on October 21st, AND/OR catch the replay for a limited time, if you aren’t able to make it that Monday night.

I can’t wait to help you take your power back, my friend!



P.S.  Have a burning boundaries question that you’d like me to answer in the class?  Send me an email or DM on Instagram and I’ll be sure to include it!!

P.P.S. Get your FREE guide to reducing negative self-talk here!

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