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How To Make Each Day Count


If there’s one thing I wish my clients would say to me more often, it would definitely be:  “Tell me how to make each day count.”
Don’t believe me?
Let me tell you why it’s true.  Typically, I hear these types of questions from my clients:
“Why is everything so stressful all the time?”
“Why did this sad circumstance happen to me?”
“Why can’t I seem to pull myself together?”
While these “why” questions are certainly understandable when life gets difficult, they really don’t do anything to help us.  It’s easy to ask “why” or “what if” but what we really need to consider is how to shift our mindset to make the most of every precious moment of life we are given.  
Because the fact remains…even if I could answer the “whys” and the “what ifs” for my clients, it still wouldn’t help them increase their peace and joy.  It still wouldn’t enable them to love the life they’re living.  
So, as weird (or morbid) as it may sound, I’m offering you a free video class entitled “If Today Was Your Last: 10 Principles For Making Each Day Count.”  It’s about 25 minutes long, and it’s full of actionable steps you can start taking today to have a more peaceful, joyful, full life.  You see my friends, considering how much time we waste worrying about things that don’t matter, or stressing about things we can’t change, thinking about how we can live life to the fullest is not weird (or morbid)…it’s wise.

If you’re interested in attending my free video class on how to make each day count, you can find it here, along with all my other video classes.  Oh, and if you’re into comedy, my cat tries to (and nearly succeeds in) sabotaging my whole live video about halfway through.  So even if you’re not really interested in living your best life, at least there’s that, right? 😉
Additionally, I made a cheat sheet for you so you don’t have to take copious notes while I’m talking (and while my cat is trying to attack the camera).  You can find the free 2 page cheat sheet here. 
I hope you find this teaching valuable and applicable, my friends!  As always, I welcome your feedback and would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about this or any other topic.  And if you have any suggestions for how to make each day count, feel free to let me know in the comments!  Have a wonderful week, Besties!

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