6 Self-Care Services You Need To Try

September 10, 2018

One of the topics I always seems to gravitate to with my friends (nay, my Besties) is:  what are you loving right now?  It’s so fun to hear about (and share!) the products that are making life easier, better, healthier, and more exciting.  Just last night, I complimented a friend’s manicure and she told me […]

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One of the topics I always seems to gravitate to with my friends (nay, my Besties) is:  what are you loving right now?  It’s so fun to hear about (and share!) the products that are making life easier, better, healthier, and more exciting.  Just last night, I complimented a friend’s manicure and she told me about this really fun gel nail polish company she started using.  Of course, now I can’t remember the name of it (it’s like Jamberry, but different, she said). 
For this reason, I thought it would be fun to share the six self-care services I have been loving for quite some time with you, my Besties.  This way, you’ll have them all in one place for easy reference and you won’t have to worry about forgetting basically as soon as I tell them to you (does anyone else have that problem, or is it just me?!).  
Full disclosure:  Some of these are affiliate links, which means if you decide to purchase using my link (or code), I will get some credit, or in some cases a commission.  This happens at no extra cost for you, but it helps me out, so I thank you for even considering using any of these links.  For most of them, I simply get credit (which is awesome sauce for me because these are all products I legitimately use and love).  And one of my favorite things to do is use the free stuff I receive (#bloggerperks) to gift my Besties (especially those in the My Self Care Bestie Facebook group!) with some self-care goodies.  
Without further ado, here are the six self-care services you need to try (ok, you don’t need to, but trust me you’ll thank me later if you do!).
Hum nutritionFirst of all, you should know I’m the type of person who isn’t all about supplements and herbal remedies.  I used to roll my eyes at my mom (sorry, mom!) when she would tout the benefits of things like tumeric and omega-3s.  As it turns out, tumeric and omega-3s happen to be like really, really good for you.  So, as it turns out, mom was right (yet again).  I stumbled upon Hum nutrition when I was looking (quite desperately) for a solution to this problem.  Their Big Chill pill definitely helped while I waited for my doctor’s appointment!  Currently, I take the OMG Omega the Great, Arctic Repair, and Here Comes the Sun (don’t you love that name?!), which is Vitamin D3 (turns out I’m low on vitamin D).  Definitely run any supplements by your doctor before you take them, but if you’re looking for a high quality supplement (delivered monthly to your door!), I recommend checking out Hum!  Use code: 152AC2 for $10 off your first order!
Hello FreshIf you follow me on Instagram, you already know I love Hello Fresh.  I started using it on a whim a couple of months ago, and I have not missed a week since (with the exception of when we were in Hawaii).  If you, like me, loathe the grocery store (I swear it steals a part of my soul every time I go), and are also not a fan of meal planning (does anyone else feel pressure to come up with all the things that all the people like?!), then Hello Fresh is worth a try.  Our family does the 3 meals a week for 4 people plan and it’s $104/week.  So reasonable!  At least for us.  The variety of food is awesome, and more often than not, even my pickiest eater (I’m looking at you, youngest child) will actually be excited about what he’s eating.  Boom.  That’s a WIN.  If you use this link, you can get $40 off your first order!  Be sure to let me know if you try it; I’d love to hear your thoughts!
Therabox I don’t need to go into tons of detail here, because I already did an entire post about my love for Therabox here.  Therabox is a subscription self-care box that I’m kind of obsessed with.  Curated by actual therapists (my homies! – not really, but we have the same job), therabox sends super fun self-care goodies each month, but I love it as a gift to friends and family as well.  For less than $40, I can send them a ton of self-care items, valued at over $100 each time.  No wonder my friends and family love me so much! 😉  If you want to try Therabox, you can use the code TREATYOURSELF to get 10% off your first box.  
Stitch FixOh, Stitch Fix.  I want to not love you.  My husband wants me not to love you.  But for some reason (well, lots actually), I just can’t stop loving you.  
Ok, that was awkward.  Sorry.  The truth is, I have been Stitch Fix obsessed for years and although I don’t get a box every month (not even close…so don’t worry, hubby), I LOVE how easy and fun it makes getting new clothes.  My stylist is Sabrina and every box she sends is a dream come true.  My favorite way to use Stitch Fix of late is when I have a wedding or event to go to, I simply write a lil’ note to Sabrina and tell her I’d like her to include a few different options.  In about 7-10 days, the box arrives, I try on the outfits and make my choice.  I’ve never ever had a box arrive where I didn’t like or want to keep anything, but even if it did, I simply send it back (and the shipping is paid for by SF).  Easy peasy new wardrobe squeezy.

AaptivI’ll admit, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with working out.  If Stitch Fix and I’s status is: in a relationship, working out and I’s status is: it’s complicated.  But then I discovered Aaptiv and I thought, why not give it a try (free for 30 days).  It’s an app that guides you through all different workouts (yoga, treadmill, outdoor running, walking, and lots of other options) through your earbuds.  All of the workouts are led by certified personal trainers and set to super fun music.  You all know I love a good workout playlist!  This app seriously takes the guesswork out of working out – it motivates me, it’s fun, and so easy to use.  This is another one that I definitely want to hear about if you do end up trying it!  Again, for 30 days free, you’ve got literally nothing to lose.

Plum Deluxe TeaWhen it comes to hot beverages, I don’t discriminate.  I love me some coffee, but I love me some tea.  Last winter, my eyes were opened to many delish flavors of tea when I visited the Harney & Sons headquarters in New York with some girlfriends.  Not long after that, Plum Deluxe reached out to me to see if I was interested in partnering with them.  After carefully researching their products (they sent me some yummy samples!), I was in.  Not only do they sell delicious one-of-a-kind blends of tea, but they also have a monthly membership where members can try new flavors and get all sorts of perks.  If you’re a tea lover, Plum Deluxe is definitely worth checking into! 
So tell me, my friends:  which self-care subscription or service are you most excited to try?  Or, which one are you already loving?  Let me know – I love hearing from you!
Have an amazing week, my loves!

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