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5 Amazing Workouts That Take 20 Minutes Or Less



By now, I’ve said many times that I usually end up writing about what I need to hear in my own life.  And lately, you know what I need to hear?


I seem to go through bursts of “yay! I’ve been exercising consistently!” as often as bursts of “eh…not really feeling like it today.”  Anyone else?

So I decided to be a bit proactive (finally) and get my bod moving!  Lately, my go-to excuse for not exercising is the infamous “I don’t have time to exercise today!”  And as we all know, that’s just so not true.  But just in case it feels true to you (as much as it feels true to me on most days), I’m sharing a list of 5 amazing workouts that take 20 minutes or less.

Surely we can spare an extra 20 minutes, on even our busiest days, if we are willing, right?  Fist bump.

Sun-kissed yoga sculpt workout

This 20 minute workout is from the gals at Tone It Up, and if you haven’t discovered them yet, you’ve been missing out!  Katrina and Karena radiate such positivity in every workout and nutritious recipe they share, and this yoga sculpt flow is no exception.  Filmed on the gorgeous beaches of Barbados, it’s the perfect workout to improve your fitness as well as your disposition.  Plus, it’s gentle and you’ll feel amazing when it’s all said and done!  Side note:  If you love this workout, I highly recommend downloading the TIU app (it’s free for 7 days!) to discover all the amazing workouts this sweet team has to offer.

15 minute inner + outer thigh workout

Here’s a circuit workout that targets the often difficult to activate inner and outer thigh muscles.  Seriously…in just 15 minutes you will feel the burn, in the best way possible!  You will need an exercise band for this circuit, but that’s it!  On days when you are feeling super-pressed for time, you can definitely squeeze this workout in (ya see what I did there?)!!

10-15 minute booty burner

Ok, seriously…when all you have is TEN minutes, this workout can get you moving and feeling like you made the best use of those precious minutes (as opposed to scrolling aimlessly on Facebook for the same amount of time).  Yesss, girl, a little something is WAY better than nothing, and this lil’ booty burner is sure to fire you up!

15 minute beginner’s cardio workout

You don’t need anything for this easy-peasy workout except 15 minutes of your time and the willingness to get moving.  On a rainy or gloomy day when taking your workout outside simply won’t work, try this short but sweet workout from the comfort of your living room.  You won’t regret it!

10 minute flat belly barre workout

This one’s for the abs!  Just taking 10 minutes to focus on one area a couple of times a week is all it takes for you to start seeing noticeable change, be it in how your body looks, or how you feel, or BOTH.  A quick ten minute workout can be just the thing to get your heartrate AND your confidence up on a day when you are pressed for time, or simply when you want to show your belly a lil’ bit of love.

Put an end to excuses

Most of us (myself definitely included!) have a several reasons why we can’t (or just don’t) exercise on a regular basis.  While there’s no need to beat ourselves up for not prioritizing our physical and mental health through exercise, we can begin to challenge those excuses and make small tweaks to our life and routine so that exercise can become an actual habit.

Easier said than done, right?

Not really! I stumbled upon a great article by Jennifer Hunt, a registered dietician that names 5 of the top excuses people give for not exercising.  You can find the article here.  Not one to reinvent the wheel, I won’t go over the excuses or solutions in any more detail, but I WILL gift you with a free printable of the excuses and their solutions to keep handy on a day (or days) when your motivation might be lacking.


So what’s your excuse, my friend?  Let’s not wait until January to focus on loving our bodies a little better.  Are you with me?  Oh, and if you have any advice for motivating yourself to workout, please share it with your Besties in the comments!


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