If You Could Change One Thing About Your Life, What Would It Be?

Could you help me out with something?  I’m always looking for the best ways to help you, to create blog posts and products that serve you – to educate, inspire, and yes, even entertain you.   In order to best do that, I need to check in with you from time to time – so today, […]



What to Tell Your Kids Before Your First Foster Child Arrives

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Does the Bible Talk About Fostering?


Why Your Marriage Matters In Fostering

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How Can I Foster "Well?"

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I posed this question on my Instagram stories:  “What would you like next week’s blog post to be about?” She wrote one word:  resilience.   Not really sure what she meant specifically, or what to write about, I went to bed.  I’ll wake up early tomorrow and figure it out, I thought.  I do my best […]

2 AM Musings on Resilience


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It’s no secret that I’m a fan of self-care.  Clearly.  But this August, I had a crazy idea:  invite my community to a self-care weekend where we can connect in person and learn more about mindfulness and self-care. But how?  I’m not really at a place (yet) where I can organize everything a weekend retreat […]

3 Reasons To Invest In An Annual Self-Care Weekend


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One of the topics I always seems to gravitate to with my friends (nay, my Besties) is:  what are you loving right now?  It’s so fun to hear about (and share!) the products that are making life easier, better, healthier, and more exciting.  Just last night, I complimented a friend’s manicure and she told me […]

6 Self-Care Services You Need To Try


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Remember that scene from the movie Jerry Maguire where Tom Cruise is begging Cuba Gooding, Jr. to “help me help you?”  It’s a classic scene and you can feel Jerry’s desperation palpably, which is probably what makes it so memorable.  It’s also memorable because on some level, it’s feeling we can relate to, especially when […]

5 Free Resources To Help You Help Someone In Crisis

Mental Health

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As I sit down to write this post, it feels like it could potentially be the most vulnerable thing I have ever published to date. In the past, I’ve blogged about my fears regarding my son’s health issues, our foster care journey, and my marriage.  I’ve shared my commitment to end my self-tanning habit (pale […]

Hi, I’m a Therapist, And I Take Prozac

Mental Health

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As most of you already know, my husband and I are headed out on a much needed, long awaited vacation this week.  After years of dreaming, hoping, and planning, our week in Hawaii is finally happening.  I really think I won’t believe it until we get there and get a lei at the airport.  Wait…is […]

Why I’m Setting Intentions For My Vacation


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“I think my struggles stem from childhood trauma.” I read those words from a precious reader and my heart immediately broke.  She wanted to know how to stop her negative self-talk, she wanted to learn to replace self-hatred with self-love.  She wanted to know how to stop feeling ashamed – she had tried many things, […]

Stop Your Negative Self-Talk With This Free Worksheet

Mental Health

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In a recent poll on my Instagram stories, 72% of participants reported that they struggle with panic attacks.  Granted, Instagram stories aren’t exactly Brene Brown-level research, however, it’s important to me to be able to write about what would be most helpful to you, and so, here we are.   The tricky thing about panic attacks […]

6 Strategies to Stop A Panic Attack In Its Tracks


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If there’s one thing I wish my clients would say to me more often, it would definitely be:  “Tell me how to make each day count.” Don’t believe me? Let me tell you why it’s true.  Typically, I hear these types of questions from my clients: “Why is everything so stressful all the time?” “Why […]

How To Make Each Day Count

Mental Health

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